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The Prophesy of Walt D.

Walt Disney made a cartoon prophesy about the “New Rulers” of America. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice See the allegory? The old wizard knew how to keep a country stable, and not let the magic out of control. Like a ruling elite … Continue reading

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Priests raping nuns? Bad joke, or Africa?

You mean the magic holy water sprinkled on their forehead didn’t turn them into white people with a different paint job? I’m shocked! I thought maybe if those nice African refugee boys who beat up a 12 year old New … Continue reading

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African refugees bring Africa to New Hampshire

Fox Boston doesn’t mention that the assailants are African refugees, or that they were trying to extort sexual favors from Morgan. From her mother’s blog:

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True story of a childhood friend visiting South Africa

I got an e-mail from a childhood friend, reproduced below with names changed to protect the innocent. This friend was always quite a liberal because of his nice personality, but unfortunately he was destined to be mugged by reality. Let’s … Continue reading

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Hormesis and Whites

I just learned about hormesis from Mangan’s blog via a Matt Parrott post at Occident Observer.

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Response to a Russian Tiger Mom

I think the Amy Chua phenomenon is going to show in a generation or two. It was one of those things that was ready to be said. I have been advocating high investment parenting for 15 years, but never got … Continue reading

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Leftist movie “Ethos” echoes the mindweapon view of social change

The new movie “Ethos,” hosted by Woody Harrelson, and reviewed here at Alternet, had a quote by its director that expresses exactly what this writer has been promoting for years: “The romantic idea of revolution with riots in the streets … Continue reading

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Austerity in 2011

What’s the word in 2011? Austerity. Put it in your google alerts. You will either hate this word, or love it, by the end of this year. Or maybe a little bit of both. Austerity is “managed decline” or perhaps … Continue reading

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More black teen happy slapping cinema—-bystanders-watch-film-6880.html Black teens attacking vulnerable whites for entertainment, filming it on their cell phones. Thanks kids! We couldn’t wake up YT without u! Another liberal mugged by reality!

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Towards a new Brahminism

New Brahminism is the only path I can see forward for those of us who are awakened. We cannot systematically awaken the masses. That particular witches’ spell of mass media will have to run its course. I have known some … Continue reading

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Former co-worker gets jacked

I used to work at the same high tech company as this guy.

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JP Morgan outsourcing US food stamps to call centers in India

According to this Alternet article, JP Morgan administers food stamps (for a generous fee) and sends the call centers to India. JP Morgan is the largest processor of food stamp benefits in the United States. JP Morgan has contracted to … Continue reading

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Great Finnish commercial

Found via Google alerts: Finnish White man doesn’t want to be a racial cuckold: Hooray for the politically incorrect Europeans!

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The end of the MiLKing; I can feel it

The MiLKing of the White cow is winding down, as the automated civilization machine slows down, and only continues to move at all because of massive inertia. The 13-14 year old schoolkids are being given assignments to plot a series … Continue reading

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A peek into Jewish high investment parenting

Here’s a Wall Street Journal article responding to the tiger mom story., a Jewish coastal elite family, the “Waldmans.” The purpose of this post is for strategic study, not to attack these people personally, so any ad hominem comments about … Continue reading

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More on Amy Chua

Amy Chua’s book about high investment parenting is a topic that I have been writing about for ten years. I have had a good amount of readers in those years, and at least a few people who became more high … Continue reading

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Tiger moms versus Middle Americans

Amy Chua has caused a scandal with her “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” book, and many media appearances. Her book is about how she raised her two daughters to be extreme high achievers, and flies in the face of … Continue reading

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2011; burst of the college bubble

There is a turning point coming in American culture; the end of a certain expensive model of higher education, which is a primary source of the poisoning of our culture. From the National Inflation Association:

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Yggdrasil’s “The Shape of the Future”

He says in one article what I have been trying to say:

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We only need to unite our own

We only need to unite our own Interesting article at Alternet today about the prospects for the the economy. Shamus Cooke is apparently an Irish leftist living in America. Most of the article is a gem, but there’s a little … Continue reading

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Racist Advice Columnist tells White woman to break up with Turk!

Another brick off the Berlin Wall of Multculturalism

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Austerity coming to the US?

It looks like the Tea Party Congress of 2010 is going to massively cut social benefits to the poor through to the middle class, and Americans will find that we are not as wealthy a nation as we grew up … Continue reading

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Bill Gates: let them eat cake

So it looks like the “great philanthropist,” Bill Gates, thinks that American kids don’t really need a decent education. He’s going to get his employees from India, after all. Once dominant, now America is just average when it comes to … Continue reading

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Gerald Celente and the Ivory Tower Bubble

Summary — indebted, college educated kids with “degrees in worthlessness” means this is the end of the Ivory Tower Bubble. Universities are going to be downsized. My comment — those who learn without colleges, and despite the financial disincentive to … Continue reading

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Imperial decline and liberals

I note with interest the article 4 Scenarios for the coming collapse of the American Empire

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Baby Boomers on cat food

Senator Alan Simpson is the front man for Baby Boomer austerity measures. He called the WWII generation “the greediest generation” and heads what is being called “the catfood commission.” The cat food commission is working on recommendations about cutting Social … Continue reading

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Edgar Steele and Mohamed Osman Mohamud – False Flags

The case of Mohamed Osman Mohamud smells like a dry run for false flag ops by the shadier famous but incompetent agencies, using the Black/Muslim nexus to drum up government approved hate for Blacks. Here we have one bona fide, … Continue reading

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Race Reality hits the literary world

It’s always good when a public figure comes out and tells the truth, whether its Mel Gibson or James D. Watson, discoverer of DNA, or Dusty Baker, an African-American baseball manager who acknowledged racial differences in heat tolerance.

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Tim Wise incites violence and suicide

Tim Wise wrote yet another post boasting about his “victories” over neglected latchkey kids and mentally ill 3rd Reich fetishists. He repeated his incitement to suicide:

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Ted Rall tries to Rall-y SWPL Liberals

You can tell the difference between a real intellectual and a huckster by the breadth of their thinking. Someone like Tim Wise never even mentions or appears to consider the possibility that the economic status quo will radically change. His … Continue reading

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Tim Wise gets softball interview on CNN We got him, and now he’s trying to deny that his nose has been bloodied.  It must be nice to be able to call up your Uncle Murray over at CNN and arrange a friendly interview to try and … Continue reading

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