I turned 30 last week, an event which precipitated a sort of premature mid-life crisis and a great deal of reflection on what I’ve accomplished with the past decade and what I’ll accomplish with my remaining decades. While I’ve always known, of course, that my life is finite, this milestone has helped drive home–on a visceral level–that I do not have infinite time to do everything I would like to do with my life.

In other words, I have to prioritize my activities, doing only what is truly vital and casting aside those things which aren’t. This has resulted in my deciding to stop doing several things that I had been doing. I love all of them, and wanted to keep doing all of them, but a sober analysis of what I’ve accomplished in the past decade has forced me to conclude that attempting to do all the things I would love to do ensures that I’ll fail to accomplish what I need to do.

R.I.P Lighthouse Literature

Helping operate a bookstore is a lot of work, and Counter-Currents Publishing, Washington Summit Press, and Arktos are already doing an admirable job.

R.I.P. Hoosier Nation

I’m moving to Michigan for family reasons. I’m also in a financial bind which temporarily precludes my doing much of anything. Those are indeed part of the explanation. But the bigger explanation is that it had failed at its original objective. When I wrote the booklet, Hoosier Nation, my target audience was ordinary working-class Hoosiers.

I believe I did an impressive job of bringing several factions of the White Advocacy community together into a united voice which did engage local and state politics. I consider that an epic victory, but it’s not what I wanted. I wanted to reach people who weren’t already pro-White. I wanted to bring our message to the living rooms in mobile home parks and the break rooms of dimly lit factories. I didn’t accomplish that.

I have nothing but love for “the movement” (even if that’s not always requited). The vanguard of people who already get it are where it will start. The people who’ve already spoken up and made sacrifices on behalf of our people have my loyalty and support. Over the past few years, I’ve gained a respect for activists and idealists from all ideological and political corners of “the movement”. I’ve learned a great deal from them, both from the recent converts brimming with enthusiasm and ideas to the haggard old hands willing to offer their cautionary advice and well-informed perspective.

I am still trying to figure out why it failed. Here are some potential reasons:

  • The Gradualist School

Hoosier Nation failed because its founder was too ambitiously ideological and unwilling to reach people where they’re at. According to this model, there should have been no emphasis on the Jewish Question and a greater emphasis on Islamic immigration. Media personalities like Matt Drudge, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, and Glen Beck (all but the latter being Jewish) are achieving some impressive results in fostering an increasingly explicit sense of White Identity.

But I can’t run that angle, and wouldn’t even be good at it if I tried. I became a race realist long ago because of my commitment to skepticism and scientific inquiry. As such, I simply can’t do things like hop on board with “Birtherism.” My brow creases when I read childish conspiracy theories, and I can’t repeat them with a straight face. The Alex Jones crowd, the “Truthers” and other mainstream cranks are a niche where I believe impressive gains can be had, but I’m not the guy for that.

Another problem is that I’m not especially patriotic. I’m a Traditionalist, and I believe this country’s founding documents were a disastrous hodge-podge of mercantile morality and Enlightenment cliches. I don’t support our wars in the Middle East and am quicker to anger at a typical conservative’s justifications for the wars than I am at a typical hippy’s justification of humanist egalitarianism. This is a huge stumbling block to reaching persuadables, one I’ve proven incapable of working around.

  • Administrative Missteps

I never put Hoosier Nation into a solid constituent relationship management framework and paid the price in failing to schedule, coordinate, organize, and hustle to the necessary extent. This was largely due to my having too much other stuff going on. Perhaps if I had set everything except for Hoosier Nation ablaze earlier, the project would have been more successful.

  • Too Soon

It may just not be our moment, yet. The economy’s not that bad, yet. It’s still possible for most people to more or less hide from the encroaching third world malaise. Though cracks are apparent in the edifice and growing by the day, the system appears to be pretty much working to most people. And for the remainder who can see that it’s not really working and not really sustainable, Ron Paul has effectively redirected them.

Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul, and Murray Rothbard hatched a plot two decades ago to model their message on David Duke’s Louisiana state legislative campaign and redirect (cuckold) paleoconservative sentiment into an integrally race-blind and mercantile libertarian worldview. Until we can tailor a message or movement to be more persuasive and effective than that, it will continue to stand in the way of the target audience I was hoping to reach.

R.I.P. Theory of Whiteness

Most who follow me on the Internet don’t even know about my anthropology hobby. I’ve kept it tucked in my back pocket because I knew it would prove a distraction from effective advocacy. How we came to be who we are is largely beside the point. Whether you’re a Nordicist who envisions our having evolved in the frigid tundra or a Creationist who envisions our belonging to the Tribe of Japheth, we still have a right to exist and a need to rally together as an extended family to face this existential crisis.

But I’ve been poring over genetic, anthropological, archaeological, and historical data for the past decade to develop a radical alternative to every major model of recent human evolution. I still fully and completely think I’m correct. I still think it’s only a matter of years before some mainstream scientists start to publish findings which parallel my own research. I still want to work on this. But it’s simply not something I have time to work on.

To summarize, I believe that the decisive selective pressure on prehistoric humans was tribal warfare. Rather than offering environmental explanations for the rapid increase in human cognitive ability, I believe its development was as an instrument of male territorial aggression. A buck’s antlers grow in an arms race against competing bucks, in spite of environmental selection. If warfare were sufficiently pervasive in the most fertile and temperate regions of Eurasia, then intelligence could have been the result of an intensive pressure to outsmart competing tribes with superior weapons and strategies.

According to this model, advances in agriculture and other pursuits were merely serendipitous side-effects, side-effects which decreased environmental selection and increased reproduction…which asymptotically increased this form of sexual selection. According to this model, the rapid changes in appearance were a consequence of the chronic gender imbalance which pervasive tribal warfare would yield.

In other words, a relatively small subset of successful warlords and members of successful tribes had a disproportionate degree of access to mates, enjoying the most delightsome mates from within their tribes and from among vanquished tribes. According to this model, virtually every physical difference between the more robust archaic populations which survived in less fertile regions and the more gracile advanced populations which survived in more fertile regions comes down to feminine attractiveness: female secondary sexual development, neoteny, and novelty.

According to this model, Europe isn’t the only “white” race. It’s merely the last remaining one…a product of Europe’s geographical isolation and relative delay in reaching the point in a civilization’s development where these selective factors are not merely retarded but actually reversed. The original Dravidian inhabitants of the Indus Valley Civilization were “white”, but invited in negrito rainforest pygmies from the nearby rainforests. The Aryans invaded after their civilization declined, only to succumb to the same cycle.

Whiteness wasn’t selected in the frigid tundra. It was selected along the fertile banks of the Danube and Volga rivers. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin are environmentally maladaptive at any latitude. They’re exclusively products of sexual selection. The “just so” stories about Vitamin D deficiency are devoid of merit. The “ancient Aryan migrations” to faraway corners of the globe are false. Whiteness emerged through convergent evolution wherever there was enough tribal warfare for long enough, trickling down from the top.

The same selective pressures occurred in the Far East, but arrived at a somewhat different result because that population was effectively isolated from the steady gene flow which existed from the Iberian peninsula through the Indo-Gangetic plain. Intelligence was selected for, but different genes were relied on for arriving at commensurate levels of intelligence. Fairness was selected for, but different genes were relied on for arriving at commensurate levels of fairness.

I laid all that out as a way of exorcising it. I’m not going to bother any more professors about it. I’m not going to write and then sit on any more theses regarding it. If somebody finds it compelling, then that’s great. If somebody disagrees with it, then that’s to be expected. It’s a very radical alternative to the establishment frameworks and I’ve merely presented a broad survey, here. I’m not going to defend it. I’m not going to promote it. I’m going to move on from it. It’s already distracted me too much from other matters.

R.I.P. Java and Windows Programming

I hate doing this, and I believe the future lies almost entirely in web applications, hence…

Survivor: Web Programming

I’ve really let this skill go to waste over the past five years. I used to be a first-rate programmer, but I’ve fallen behind on the latest technologies and have not built on my skill set the way I should. I know many who are familiar with me through the movement would rather I invest my time and attention in advocacy work, but advocacy work doesn’t empower me to reach my financial goals. Not that I could stop programming even if I needed to.

Survivor: Orthodoxy

I’ve been a Radical Traditionalist for several years. Radical Traditionalism is; however, merely a theoretical framework. It’s not an actual living, breathing, Tradition. After an extended–and abortive–attempt to be a Mormon, I’ve found a spiritual home in the Orthodox Christian faith. I’ve only been studying it for a little over a year and have only been attending liturgy for less than six months, so I’m in no position to proselytize. The only thing I’m in a position to do at this point is learn. I will continue to do so.

Survivor: White Advocacy

Until I get settled into my new home and lifestyle, after I get my career and financial affairs in order, and after I’ve taken some time to develop a coherent plan, I’ll re-engage. I’m not sure exactly how, as I’m still actively trying to figure out how best to serve as an advocate for my people. What I do know is that I have a duty to do so, but I have a duty to make sure I’m actually doing so…not merely flailing and gesturing in that direction with no defined or achievable goals.

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RE: VNN Roast

For those familiar with the movement’s backroom bullshit, Alex Linder occupies a unique niche in the pro-White universe. He’s among our most gifted rhetoricians but has virtually no visibility outside the stuckment. This is partially due to his lack of involvement in street activism, but it’s primarily due to his mission: protecting the White Right from Jewish subversion and perversion through attacking and exposing those who deviate from his insistence on naming the Jew, identifying the Jew as the single causative factor of our plight to the virtual exclusion of all others, and avoiding compromise with or engagement with the Jew.

Matt Parrott with JewAmongYouMy number has come up for one of his famous roasts, with a long and growing thread dedicated to evaluating me: Matt Parrott, AmRen Censorship, CMS Gatekeeping. I do fail to meet his purity standards, and he was bound to figure that out sooner or later, and I was resigned to suffer this rite of passage in silence. I have, after all, fraternized with Jews and non-Whites to various extents in the past and am liable to do so again.

I’m responding despite my better judgment for two reasons: Linder makes some claims which are wrong enough to be refuted and asks some questions which are important enough to answer… Continue reading

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The Pattern Recognition Orgasm

Slate has a new article outlining and critiquing five leading theories explaining why humans laugh. I wish I had time to read the new book discussing the topic, but I don’t. I do; however, have my own hypothesis that I’ve been bandying about for years and it strikes me as both original and more explanatory than the prevailing models.

As is the case with all my crank notions, I encourage you to shoot it down.

“Patterns” are the building blocks of human thought, and humans are overclocked for pattern recognition. Not only are we capable of detecting very subtle patterns that arrive via our senses, we’re even prone to detecting patterns where none exist. Whether it’s the “man on the moon”, the Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich, or numerological and astrological nonsense, our appetite for patterns is a voracious one, one that often outstrips supply.

The word “appetite” is operative, as our circuitry is apparently designed to reward the recognition of patterns. In its evolutionarily ideal form, this manifests as not only “learning”, but learning things that improve one’s chances of survival and reproduction. But just as the dog’s reproductive instincts can be misdirected toward the human leg and the human’s digestive instincts can be misdirected toward McDonald’s, this “educational instinct” can be misdirected toward humor.

The wave of euphoria overcoming a person laughing is the body’s way of rewarding the recognition of a pattern. From personal experience, I can attest that I often find myself grinning warmly or even chuckling when reading a line of political commentary that’s neither “funny” nor intended to be “funny”. While I rarely burst out in laughter when I comprehend something insightful, I often cackle with glee when I have a breakthrough or an epiphany.

(Discerning whether this is due to the common thread of pattern recognition running through both humor and learning or whether this is due to the impending madness of a psychologically troubled blogger is an assignment for the reader.)

Humans have been selected very intensely for the capacity to learn, but they must have also been selected very intensely for the compulsion to learn. No other creature’s survival depends as singularly on pattern recognition as ours. According to this model, our neurochemistry would reward us more acutely than it rewards any other creature, thus resolving one of the greater riddles of humor: Why only humans laugh.

Humor’s utility as a social bonding tool is tertiary. Mutually indulging in pleasure-inducing behavior promotes and enhances socialization. We go through the trouble of making others laugh for the same reason we make others meals, and we feign laughter in a social context even when the pattern is unremarkable for the same reason we feign satisfaction while eating unremarkable meals prepared by social partners (sorry, hun…).

The general mechanism of the physical act of laughter isn’t explained by this theory, though the theory points in the direction of a distinct class of stereotyped convulsive reactions to intense stimulation. Especially hungry people often experience convulsive waves of pleasure when feasting, often accompanied by audible moans and groans. Humans orgasming experience similarly spasmodic movements and make similarly nonsensical noises, with the sexual orgasm being perhaps the closest in nature to the act of laughter.

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The Prophesy of Walt D.

Walt Disney made a cartoon prophesy about the “New Rulers” of America.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

See the allegory? The old wizard knew how to keep a country stable, and not let the magic out of control. Like a ruling elite that fleeces it’s herd, but doesn’t slaughter it.

The WASPs fleeced us but didn’t slaughter us. The new YKW masters let the magic (the brooms symbolize non-whites reproducing) get out of control and “flood” (with broom immigration and water) the country, making it unlivable and massively out of control. Creating a population and demographic emergency (of brooms).

But Mickey is incompetent and his schemes fail, and the wizard has to come back and clean up after him. And at the end, Mickey goes a slinkin’ on out of there in shame.

My degree in literature wasn’t for nothing now, was it? LOL.

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Priests raping nuns? Bad joke, or Africa?

You mean the magic holy water sprinkled on their forehead didn’t turn them into white people with a different paint job? I’m shocked!

I thought maybe if those nice African refugee boys who beat up a 12 year old New Hampshire girl just got a little holy water sprinkled on their foreheads, they’d see the error of their ways and spend the rest of their life repenting!

Someone better tell Catholic charities! Christian magic doesn’t seem to work on Africans!

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African refugees bring Africa to New Hampshire

Fox Boston doesn’t mention that the assailants are African refugees, or that they were trying to extort sexual favors from Morgan. From her mother’s blog:
Continue reading

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True story of a childhood friend visiting South Africa

I got an e-mail from a childhood friend, reproduced below with names changed to protect the innocent. This friend was always quite a liberal because of his nice personality, but unfortunately he was destined to be mugged by reality. Let’s be glad he survived his South African “mugging by reality.”

Continue reading

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