Kill All The Grabblers!

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4 Responses to Kill All The Grabblers!

  1. Reginald says:

    You beat me to it!

  2. Randy Garver says:

    Finally, some light hearted and non-ethnic humor! I was beginning to suspect that you guys were a bit obsessed with the Jews.

  3. Matt Parrott says:


    I see that you’ve met your arch-nemesis: Jupiter. One of the things I enjoyed the most over there was deleting Jupiter’s comments. I virtually never delete comments, but that guy gets under my skin. I look forward to him finding his way here, so I can delete his comments over here. He’s actually developed a conspiracy theory where I’m a moderator at all the sites he visits, targeting him to stifle his powerful and irrefutable message.

    He allegedly lost his engineering job to a Desi, though I suspect that his illiteracy and antisocial buffoonery might be contributing factors to his chronic unemployment. The real villain in all this is the post-secondary institution that took this dullard’s money, then lied to him about his future job prospects. He’s like a poster child for the train wreck of the contemporary educational system laid out in Charles Murray’s new book: Real Education.

    As an aside, Jupiter hates The Bell Curve, which happens to have been written by Charles Murray.

    I do believe that in the grand scheme of things your wife probably did take a job away from a NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN. Hopefully it was Jupiter’s.

  4. Randy Garver says:

    Yes, I’ve had the unique pleasure of meeting Mr. Jupiter. Perhaps that is some type of initiation rite for which a merit badge is earned? I’ll keep an eye out for the postman.

    People like him seem to lower the signal-to-noise ratio of the debate, and are one reason why until very recently I had believed that white advocacy was nothing more than a weekend project for angry ranters who like to hector people with their bitter diatribes.

    I no longer believe that, and have enjoyed delving into the subject matter in search of the elusive rays of truth and sunlight.

    I’ve never been eager to uncritically accept claims of racial and gender bias by women and minorities, simply because it seemed too easy to blame prejudice as the cause of someone losing a job or a promotion, rather than the more likely scenario that they were ill suited for the position or a poor performer.

    I’m not saying that such discrimination hasn’t happened, or that it’s not morally and legally wrong, but rather that I’m turned off by the modern tendency to embrace victimology as the first and primary cause of a person’s lack of success.

    Maybe Jupiter sucked at his job and it’s pure coincidence that his replacement was Indian. Government jobs are a different story though, since gender and ethnic discrimination are not only commonly present, but enshrined and codified as legal doctrine.

    By the way, I’m pretty certain that my wife didn’t take away a job from any native born white americans, quite simply because her field is at full employment, and she and her NBWA colleagues have the opportunity to work as many hours and as many different jobs as they wish, to the limit of their endurance and desires.

    I hesitate to mention this because within the framework of ethnic stewardship and self-sovereignty which you and others are advocating for, it’s a rather irrelevant detail, and I recognize that you wouldn’t support non-white immigration even if every immigrant magically created 3 more jobs for whites.

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