Roissy on Anti-Semitism

For those who aren’t in the know, Roissy is the most popular blogger in the “game” community. “Game” is the art of seducing girls. While there’s nothing inherently immoral about learning how to succeed with the ladies, the scene is predictably vulgar and often bilious toward women. This post about Roissy isn’t intended to be an implied endorsement of him in particular or “pick-up artists” in general.

From time to time, Roissy lapses from his main topic and offers his opinions on politics and culture, betraying his HBD-aware worldview. It’s unsurprising that he reads Steve Sailer, given that a serious study of the innate differences between genders leads down a slippery slope to studying the innate differences between populations. His most recent post, The Modern Definition of Anti-Semitism [cache], confirms that many of our ideas are gradually catching on with a wider audience.

He begins the post with the following definition of anti-Semitism:

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